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me doing an interview for an article on gender equality

  • me: so are you a feminist?
  • student teacher guy: no, I wouldn't say so.
  • me: why?
  • student teacher guy: well... actually, what's the definition of feminism?
  • me: *recites dictionary.com definition I wrote on my paper bc I knew I would need it at some point*
  • student teacher guy: oh. well I do believe that women should have equal opportunities. I just thought it was more of a pro-women and almost anti-men thing.
  • me: so you are a feminist?
  • student teacher guy: well, yes.
  • *at the end of the interview*
  • me: what do you think you can do to help women?
  • student teacher guy: tell all my friends the definition of feminism.
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his fake smile broke my heart
his fake smile broke my heart

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Love is never wrong, and so it never dies

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I love how the Ood is like ‘Dammit translator ball!’ and just hits it

This is why I really, really love the Ood.

Favorite Doctor Who scene.

The most misunderstood creatures in the fandom…

I love what Who did with the Angels and the Ood. 

They’ve taken something that people would automatically want to trust, an angel, and made them creepy as fuck.

And they’ve taken a thing that people would automatically respond to the visual of with revulsion and fear, and made them the sweetest, most peaceful creatures in the universe.

If that’s not the best “looks can be deceiving” ever done I don’t know what is.

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